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รับสมัคร Corporate sales

รับสมัคร Corporate sales

รายละเอียดงาน :

-Maintaining relationships with current clients and identifying new business opportunities with them

-Calling on existing clients to promote new products, services, or special offers

-Meeting with potential clients to determine their needs and interests in order to develop a tailored sales strategy

-Following up with existing clients to ensure they are satisfied with the company’s products or services, and working with them to identify new opportunities for growth

-Presenting products or services to potential clients in order to generate interest and leads

-Selling products or services to businesses through phone calls or face-to-face meetings

-Building relationships with potential clients to learn about their needs and interests so that they can be addressed in future sales pitches or proposals

-Recommending new products or services to existing clients to increase business opportunities with them

-Communicating with other members of the team to coordinate sales efforts

คุณสมบัติผู้สมัคร :

– Female, age 25 to 32
– Bachelor degree above
– Minimum 2 years experience in industrial product sales job
– Proficiency in English communication skill is a must
– Good at MS Office Excel and PowerPoint
– Strong leadership skill with optimistic leading style
– Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skill
– Good personality, healthy, and enthusiastic
– Able to travel upcountry and aboard for business trip
– Able to work on Saturday and/or Sunday if requested by job sites (occasionally)
– Fast learning, positive thinking, hard working.
– Able to work under pressure

คลิก ยื่นใบสมัคร เพื่อสมัครผ่านเว็บไซต์ ได้เลย

เงินเดือน : ตามตกลง
จำนวนรับ (อัตรา) : 2 อัตรา
สถานที่ปฏิบัติงาน : กรุงเทพมหานคร

บริษัท บางกอกโพลีแซค จำกัด

214/1-214/2 ถนนเลียบคลองภาษีเจริญฝั่งเหนือ แขวง หนองแขม  เขตหนองแขม  จังหวัดกรุงเทพมหานคร  10160

Website :

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